SMH Half Marathon Practice Run

Coming up: Sunday Scenic Run • SMH Half Marathon Practice Run

The SMH Half Marathon is coming up and we like to be prepared :-), So join us for our Practice Run next Sunday that will cover a big part of the race course and the distance.
We will meet at Circular Quay and start with a stunning run along the Harbour to Barangaroo and Darling Harbour. After a scenic loop around Pyrmont we will hit the 10k coming back to Darling Harbour and continue straight through the city to Hyde Park. The following 3k down to Macquaries Chair cover the exact finish of the SMH route and as we know these km will hurt, it’s good to be prepared for it. After this hilly finish we will cross the finish line at Hyde Park (Archibald Fountain) after about 15k and move on to a well deserved breakfast! Breakfast location to be announced soon!

This run is a Practice run for those of you who signed up for the Half Marathon this year and would like to get a feeling for race course and distance. The run is two weeks before the race and is the perfect opportunity to check our fitness and pace.
Of course all girls are welcome for this run and there is an opportunity to drop out at Hyde Park (after 12k) but please understand, that we will stick to pace groups for this run (details to be announced soon).

When: Sunday, 7th May
Time: 8:45 am
Where: Circular Quay (in front of the MCA)
Distance: +/- 15k  (shorter 12k option available)

Pace groups

We will have a minimum of 2 pace groups available on our Sunday runs! Groups will be  between 5mim/km and 6:30min/km, based on the demand on the day.

* Please note, these runs aren’t suitable for beginners. We require you to be able to run the full distance before joining in. If you’re unsure, join us on Wednesday night first and see how you go!

Posted on: April 30, 2017

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  1. I am registered for the SMH half marathon on 21 May 2017. How do I join this Practice Run on Sunday, 7 May 2017?

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