3 Weeks to go!

Hi Ladies,

Less than 3 weeks till the SMH Half Marathon kicks off. This means you’ll be at the final stages of  your training schedule and should start preparing for race day.
We’re organising a few handy things for you to get ready for May 21!

  1. Have you signed up? You can still sign up with our team! Enter the team via this link.
    Did you sign up but forgot to enter the team? Please email info@girlsrunsydney.com with your full name & bib number and we can still add you in!
  2. We’re organising a practice run so you can be prepared for race day! A +/- 15km run with 3 pace group options and great breakfast to finish. Find all the info in this link.
  3. Celebrate with us post race and join our group breakfast near Hyde Park. Super close to the finish line and only $20 for your choice of brekkie & coffee! RSVP here.


So you’ve signed up and are ready to race, what’s next? Read all the info about race packs and race day here!

Race pack collection – Event Expo

If you didn’t get your BIB posted to you, you can pick up your race pack at the The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon Expo, Lower Town Hall.
To pick up your Race Kit you must bring a copy of your confirmation email sent after you have completed the online registration.

Date Time
Friday, May 19 8:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday, May 20 9:00am – 5:00pm

Can’t make it?
We will pick up the race bibs on Friday. If you you won’t be able to pick up your BIB, email info@girlsrunsydney.com with your confirmation email and we can pick it up for you! Meet us at the meeting point on race day to collect.


The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon will commence at 6:45am! Make sure to arrive at least 30 mins prior to the event to allow enough time for gear drop and toilet lines and of course to meet up with the team for some extra motivation!

Start and Finish will he at Hyde Park, Sydney city. See the village start & finish here:

(click on image to enlarge)

For anyone who didn’t join us on Sunday for a practice run, see course details here:

(click on image to enlarge)

Gear drop

A gear drop service will be available on race day, See-through bags can be collected at the Expo if you wish to pre-pack your gear prior to event day.

Drop-off location Opening Time Closing Time Pick-up location
Hyde Park North 5:45am 11:00am Hyde Park North

Meeting point – Hyde Park, Start

Meet us pre-race for some extra encouragement! We will meet left of the BAG DROP in Hyde Park.
Meet from 6ish till we make our way to the starting line. We understand girls might start in different starting groups, but this way it will be easy to spot who will be starting in the same group.

Meeting point –  Brekkie, Finish

We’ll meet after the race to celebrate!
Because the biggest reason we’re running this far is to eat right?!
We’re heading to The Canope in Hyde Park to refuel (short walk from the finish line!), with your choice of Brekkie + coffee/tea for only $20 per person!
Meet here from 9:15am onwards.

Haven’t RSVP’ed for the brekkie yet? as we have limited spots, please make sure you’re part of it! RSVP here.

*Please make sure to bring $20 cash on the day.


Good luck & most of all have fun!!!

Posted on: May 1, 2017

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