Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions

Q: Is there a place to leave my bags?
A: Yes, we offer a bad drop for our Wednesday night runs. Perfect for the ladies who join us after work! Please arrive before kick-off to allow plenty of time to get you sorted.
Our other runs don’t offer a bag drop, so make sure to travel light!

Q: It looks like it will be raining, is the run on?
A: Yes, we run in the rain. Unless dangerous and severe weather conditions are predicted. In that case, we use our Facebook page to notify everyone about cancellation, as we put your safety first.

Q: I haven’t run in a while / I just started running / I don’t think I’m fit enough – can I join?
A: We always encourage all level runners to join our Wednesday night runs, as they are casual, low key and have a shorter distance option. During this run we stop a few times and chat along the way. (Even though this run is suitable for beginners, please know that you should be able to run for at least 10 to 15 minutes straight at about 6:30 pace.)

Unfortunately our Sunday Scenic runs aren’t suitable for beginners, as we require you to be able to run the full distance of the run (10+k) without stopping. We do offer different pace groups to accommodate different levels, intermediate and advanced runners.

Feel free to comment below if you have any further questions!




6 thoughts on “FAQ

    1. Hi Tatum,

      The closest parking is on Hospital Road next to the Domain, however there won’t be free parking in the area.
      The Domain also has a car park: http://domaincarpark.com.au/.
      We would advice to travel in by train as Martin Place and St. James station are both at walking distance from the meeting point.
      Hope to see you at one of our runs soon!

    1. Hi Lea,

      No need to register or sing up! Just show up to one of our runs in your running gear.
      We hope to see you at one of our runs soon :)

    1. Hi Cathy, our group is completely free! Just show up to one of our runs.
      (Breakfast afterwards on Sunday’s is at your own cost).
      Hope to see you at one of our runs!

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